Magnetic Eyeliner and Cleansing Oil

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Product Description

Our professional-quality liner is made to last for over 16 hours, so you can go about your day with fabulous lashes and no worries. It's more than a magnetic liner, it bonds and holds your lashes in place all day. 

- This pack contains 1 Magnetic Liner & 1 Cleansing Oil of your Choice

- Dual-Action formula magnetizes and bonds for a 16-hour hold*

- True black color, so you can have that smoldering intensity...

- Waterproof & Weatherproof

- Thin precision brush

This liner is gentle on your natural lashes, it allows you to apply your magnetic lashes to your skin. Removing pressure from your natural lashes. 


Can I purchase Liner Without Oil?

Our liner is best removed with our cleansing oil so to ensure you have a great experience our liner comes with a 5ml Travel Sized bottle of Cleansing Oil. 


What's in it?

These are the ingredients that you will find in our Witchy Magnetic Liner. They have been checked with the Australian Regulatory body, and they are all approved for safe use in cosmetic products. 
Iron oxide, Isododecane, Silicic acid, Trisiloxane, Urea (non-animal source), Phenylglycol ether


Cleansing Oil

To remove the liner we have developed a natural oil that will maintain the health of your lashes and skin. If you plan on wearing these daily, you will fall in love with the dewy residue, your skin will thank you.

See how to remove the liner

* Your hold time will depend on your application method, the cleanliness of your lashes, and the products you are using to prime your skin.


Both our Magnetic Eyeliner & Oils are Vegan & Cruelty-free

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